Welcome to Automation Research Labs

Automation Research Labs started with a strong motive towards providing world class process automation solutions to the industry. Here we put technology to the better of mankind by improving manufacturing efficiency, energy savings and operator safety. While design is an ART, we at Automation Research Labs, combine cutting edge technology with art and expertise to deliver the best of the automation solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We strive to lead the automation industries through continuous research and product development that will ultimately result in customer satisfaction

Why Automation Research Labs?

Automation Research Labs is known for its technical expertise. We have our speciality in selecting limited customers and provide 24 x 7 service to them. Instead of offering things at low price, we focus on better quality and charge right amount for what customer want. Our understanding of project completion is from concept to an usable product. Hence, we always insist on reducing recurrent costs and thereby reducing operating costs for the customer.

We have come up with very novel pricing structures where in customer can make full payments only after he is satisfied with our product and service. Our products and services are waranteed for extended time periods and at no extra costs. Our customers are also fully entitled for refund in case they do not get our support as per our committments.

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